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Cobra RX Adder Accessory Mount

Original price $94.99 - Original price $94.99
Original price
$94.99 - $94.99
Current price $94.99

Note: If you are in the US or Canada, we now recommend our new GoGun Laser Light Combo units for your Adder. They are brighter, easier to adjust, and mount more securely. However, outside the US/Canada, check your local laws.

These accessory mounts allow you to mount the laser and flashlight together onto your Cobra Adder Crossbow.

These are automatically included with all Cobra Adder purchases from official GoGun retailers. If you purchased your crossbow from GoGun, you don't need to buy this separately.

For those of you who purchased an Adder from an unofficial 3rd party, and as a result, did not get one of these, you can purchase it here.

Note that we do not service crossbows that are not purchased from us.