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Huben GK1 Suppressors - Arrival Time

Update as of 11/16

An update for those who want all the details on the timing of the GK1 Suppressors from Huben.

Huben has not shipped these to us yet. They heard that one person in Spain tried to mail some to someone in the US, and they got stuck. Maybe lost, or maybe seized, they don't know.

I spoke with the person in the US and looked at their import paperwork, which was incorrectly filled out. So, it is obvious why they got seized. They weren't properly declared and it has nothing to do with them being airgun suppressors or not.

So, now Huben thinks airgun suppressors might be illegal in the US. This is not true.

Lots of airgun dealers and manufacturers import airgun suppressors into the US and they don't get seized.

So, we are explaining to Huben that it will be fine and they don't need to worry. 

If Huben continues to worry irrationally, we will just have the suppressors sent to GoGun Germany instead, and then GoGun Germany can ship them to us.