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Upgraded Bowlimbs for Original Stinger 1

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Tuning limb with significantly higher performance for the AR-6 Stinger. 

Use the normal AR-6 stinger string for this limb.

Please follow the instructions for use of the AR-6 stinger regarding changing the tendon and assembling the limb.

Package Includes:

  • 1 limb
  • 1 matching tendon
  • 1 tensioning aid
  • fastening material

Due to different manufacturer information, the pull weights are not a suitable means of comparison.

We measured the following performance:

Standard limb:

  • Arrow speed of 175 FPS (53 m / s) with a 6.7-gram practice arrow
  • Energy of 11.27 joules with a 10.2 gram hunting arrow.

With upgraded limb:

  • Arrow speed of 220 FPS (67 m / s) with a 6.7 gram practice arrow
  • Energy of 17.16 joules with a 10.2 gram hunting arrow