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Venom 170 lb limbs for Cobra Adder

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Venom 170 lbs throwing arm

for EK Archery "Cobra R": R9, RX, RX Adder and Cold Steel "Cheap Shot"

The "Cobra R" platform is one of the most popular crossbow models ever, thanks to the effortless under-lever cocking technique.

Although the standard 90 or 130-pound draw arm provides high arrow velocities and impressive bullet energy (24/35 joules), many customers desire more "power". With the Venom limbs, GoGun now maximizes this potential. This is achieved by the three-layer composite construction - in the middle of the limb, there is a layer of carbon fiber, each enclosed by an outer layer of glass fiber.

This product is a "naked" throwing arm that has to be installed in the standard holder. Also, the end caps and string are NOT included. The original parts will fit.

Attention: The use of this very strong throwing arm leads to more wear. So constantly check the string, the end caps, the arrows and the lock of the crossbow. Replace worn parts in good time.