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35 lb CQ Bowlimbs for Stinger 2

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Steambow's new AR-6 Stinger II "Close Quarters" fiberglass / carbon limb.

Note: The draw weight, in this case, 35 lbs, is not a reliable indicator of the performance of a crossbow!

Many factors, such as the power stroke, the efficiency of the bow, the rebound characteristics of the bow, the weight of the arrow, the weight of the string and much more have an impact on the energy that the arrow receives when it is launched.

Depending on how heavy the arrow is and how many times the string has been twisted (this shortens the string), this bow on the AR-6 Stinger II delivers between 7 and 10 joules (5.2 – 7.4 ft-lbs) of kinetic energy.

Package includes:

  • 1x glass/carbon throwing arm with “AR-6 Stinger II CQ” imprint.
  • 1x AR-6 Stinger 2 string
  • 2x throwing arm end caps
  • 1x stringing aid



  • The new limbs on the AR-6 Stinger 2 will not fit the previous versions of the AR-6 Stinger.
  • This throwing arm is compatible with all replacement strings for the AR-6 Stinger 1 + 2