90 lb Pro Bowlimbs for Stinger 2

90 lb Pro Bowlimbs for Stinger 2

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Steambow's new AR-6 Stinger 2 “PRO” glass/carbon bowlimbs deliver significantly more kinetic energy than the standard AR-6 Stinger II bow.

Note: The draw weight, in this case 90 lbs. is not a sufficient indicator for the performance of the bow of a crossbow!

Many factors, such as the length of the acceleration distance, the efficiency of the bow, the spring characteristics of the bow, the weight of the arrow, the weight of the string, etc., affect the energy the arrow will transfer when fired.

Depending on how heavy the arrow is and how often the string is twisted in (which shortens the string) this bow, on the AR-6 Stinger 2, delivers between 18 – 21 joules of kinetic energy.

Pacakge includes:

  • 1x glass/carbon throwing arm with “AR-6 Stinger II PRO” imprint.
  • 1x AR-6 Stinger 2 string
  • 2x throwing arm end caps
  • 1x stringing aid



  • The new limbs on the AR-6 Stinger 2 will not fit the previous versions of the AR-6 Stinger.
  • This throwing arm is compatible with all replacement strings for the AR-6 Stinger 1 + 2