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Fenris Bow Magazine

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Originally called "The Instant Legolas" this arrow magazine enables a fast & precise repeating action, suitable for most* compound bows. 

The Fenris is simultaneously an:

  • Arrow quiver (capacity of 5 arrows)
  • Bow release with thumb trigger
  • Pump action repeating system
  • Revolutionary aiming device (in combination with optional Red-Dot sights)

A Fenris-equipped bow is neither crossbow nor bow -- it is a completely new arrow weapon category.  It’s easier to learn than a crossbow and much faster to get ready to shoot than a bow. No other arrow weapon offers these advantages. It’s easily possible to fire all 5 arrows in less than 8 seconds. 

The bow magazine was invented in 2017 by the German YouTuber and entrepreneur Jörg Sprave and has been continuously refined over the years. Together, with our development team at Steambow, the Instant Legolas prototypes became a mature product - The Fenris!


The Fenris is a solid, featherlight, precise accessory suitable for most* modern bows. Without much training effort, the shooter achieves a high level of accuracy and marksmanship in the shortest possible time as well as an incredibly fast shot sequence. The magazine can be detached quickly for transport.

This limited edition version of the Fenris is CNC-machined from high-quality aluminum and professionally anodized. It’s made in Austria, making it a premium piece with top-notch accuracy and precision!

The Fenris can be mounted to right- and left-hand bows. However, the optional front handle “trigger” holder can only be used for right-hand bows. 

*Compatibility: The Fenris is suitable for most bows with a removable arrow rest and open riser. It is not suitable for bows with shoot-through riser. The bow magazine can also be mounted on many modern recurve bows. With an optionally available adapter plate, the magazine can be mounted not only on the arrow rest, but also on the screw connection of the bow sight. 


All packages include:

  • Bow magazine made of milled and anodized aluminum
  • Bracket/rail for most* commercially available compound bows
  • 22mm Picatinny rail for red dot sights
  • 5 arrows with exchangeable field tips (incl. special nock with alignment collar)

Optional accessories (sold separately):

Additional Files:

pdf-iconFenris User Manual (English)