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Scuba Ringer

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The Scuba Ringer is an underwater sports device which can accelerate two mini harpoons by means of compressed air. 


Technically, the device is not unlike the well-known Airringer, but it is completely yellow (for easier underwater retrieval), has a lock unit specially adapted for underwater operation, and uses harpoon arrows with “fishhooks” as optional accessories (two practice arrows are included). The pistol has an eyelet for attaching a line that can be attached to the fishhooks.

The pistol is designed for shark repelling or spearfishing (only in areas where harpoon hunting is allowed).

It is the first compact underwater pistol in the world with a capacity of two harpoon arrows.

The Scuba Ringer has two shots and is loaded with two compressed air cartridges with screwed on arrow launch tubes. These cartridges are reusable and can be filled by means of a hand pump, a compressed air cylinder or a compressor (250 to 300 bar). The cartridges with the launching tubes and attached arrows can be reloaded like a break barrel shotgun – remove the spent cartridge and insert a loaded cartridge.

The same applies to all other non-weapon items that are dangerous and can be used as an emergency weapon: In a real self-defense situation, the use of the Scuba-Ringer can be legal if there is no other way to defend against the attack.

Note: Like any other harpoon device, the Scuba Ringer is deadly, especially when used against its intended purpose over water and against mammals.

If a color other than yellow is desired: The Scuba Ringer has a roughened surface and can easily be treated with commercial spray paint. However, the yellow color is particularly easy to recognize underwater.

Package Contents:

2 Bolt Kit

  • Scuba Ringer Gun
  • Cartridge fill nozzle
  • 100 burst disks
  • 2 bolts
  • 2 cartridges with start tubes


10 Bolt Kit

  • Scuba Ringer Gun
  • Cartridge fill nozzle
  • 100 burst disks
  • 10 bolts
  • 4 cartridges with start tubes

Shipping Restrictions:

We do not ship these to New Jersey or Rhode Island as air guns are regulated as "firearms" in those states.

Additional Information:

google-doc-fileScuba Ringer User Manual (English)

Keep in mind (as with all air guns) you will need a pcp pump to pressurize the cartridges.