Welcome to GoGun

Here at GoGun, we feel we are veritable specialists. We only sell weapons that are available without licenses and permits – but not the run-of-the-mill types. The products we carry are all made with outstanding quality and are extremely high powered.

The GoGun corporation was founded in 2017 and is the successor (not legally though) to "The Slingshot Channel Store.” This was necessary because of our steep growth rate and the the many additional product lines we took on. The spirit of “The Slingshot Channel” is still with us though. We like weapons with lots of power and extreme accuracy. Most of the freely available weapons online do not have those features. But here, you can still find them, the legal weapons that are proper and powerful!

Enormously powerful and compact arrow airguns and exclusive crossbow designs by Jörg Sprave himself.

GoGun.co is the North America (US, Mexico, Canada) distributor of GoGun Products.

If you are located in Europe, please head over to our German site at GoGun.de

Thank you and happy shopping!

Joerg Sprave