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UPBOLT Magazine For Siege

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For the EK Archery "Siege": UPBOLT 8-shot magazine for 15" bolts

The completely new type of magazines for the "Siege" come from Latvia: They are intended for long 15" bolts (also suitable for the "Cobra RX" crossbow) and are kept lightweight.

The magazine kits, which are manufactured using the complex 3D printing process, consist of a rear part, which also contains the spring lever, and a (two-part) front element, which gives the long arrows the necessary guidance.

At this point, people often ask about a comparison between “UPBOLT” and “GoGun” magazine. Naturally, we have evaluated both products intensively and came to the conclusion that BOTH are very good. It depends on the personal preference of the user.

The advantages of the "UPBOLT":

  • The longer arrows can be used
  • Eight arrows fit instead of seven
  • The rail does not have to be changed
  • The price is cheaper

The disadvantages of the "UPBOLT":

  • A large scope cannot be installed
  • The Picatinny scope rail is not tilt adjustable
  • Small rework on the magazine is usually required
  • It is often necessary to rework the arrows (clipping of the fletching)
  • The darts are exposed and slightly more prone to accidental bumping
  • Cannot be used with speed loaders

Package content:

  • Magazine to accept 8 R-series bolts + Picatinny angle adjustment plate (1 degree)
  • Spare side screws for magazine attachment
  • Frontal bolt holder for bolt attachment on the front part of the crossbow
  • Necessary screws for mounting the frontal holder
  • Allen wrenches for assembly
  • Tube of superglue to attach Picatinny rail adjuster (if needed)