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Welcome to GoGun

GoGun GmbH was founded in 2017 by YouTuber Jörg Sprave with a vision to supply weapons that are available without licenses and permits – but not the run-of-the-mill types.

We like weapons with lots of power and extreme accuracy. Most of the freely available weapons online do not have those features. But here, you can still find them, the legal weapons that are proper and powerful!


GoGun is the successor (not legally though) to "The Slingshot Channel Store" where Jörg used to sell Slingshots. Because of the added product lines like crossbows and airguns, it made sense to create a new company. So, he created GoGun GmbH in Germany.

From 2017 to 2020, GoGun Germany experienced rapid growth as demand for these innovative products increased.

In 2020, due to burdensome international shipping regulations, Jörg asked Matt Oehrlein (that's me) to take over distribution of the GoGun product lines in North America. Jörg and I met while making YouTube videos back in 2019 for my giant robot company (it's a long story so we'll save that for later).

Similarly in 2021, Jörg asked Mike Sansom to take over distribution of GoGun product lines in the UK.

So, at this point there are three GoGun websites:

  •, the one Jörg runs in Germany to ship products from Germany,
  • and, the one you are on now which primarily services USA and Canada.
  • which primarily serves the United Kingdom

Although we are technically 3 separate companies, we collaborate often. Jörg still does most of the product design and testing through his YouTube channel for all of us, and we pay him a commission on our sales for his hard work. The products we carry are all made with outstanding quality and are extremely high powered.

If you are located in Europe, please head over to our German site at

If you are located in the UK specifically, head over to the UK site at

If you are in the US or Canada, buy from us right here on this website.

Thank you and happy shopping!


(Here's the video of when I met Jörg for the first time and he built a giant slingshot for my Giant Robot.)

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