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Vlad Tactical Crossbow

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After the immensely successful "Adder", EK Archery is now launching another tactical repeating crossbow - "Vlad" named after Vlad the Impaler.

It is a pistol crossbow, clearly below the "Adder" in terms of performance, but sets new standards in terms of equipment and compactness. Like the "Adder", the crossbow can be disassembled into its main elements without tools and the solid aluminum buttstock can even be folded. In this way, "Vlad" can be reduced to the size of a small briefcase in a few seconds and transported completely unobtrusively. The detachable throwing arm makes it easy to replace. Two such limb sets (frontends) are included in the package: A 60-pound bow and a 90-pound bow.

The magazine holds eight bolts and hunting arrows (such as the Steambow broadhead models) can also be used. The included Speed Loader allows another eight bolts to be loaded in no time. The Speed Loader can be clipped to one of the two side Picatinny rails.

The scope of delivery also includes a high-quality red dot sight. "Vlad" can also be shot with the integrated rear and front sight, however.

"Vlad" combines extremely compact dimensions, easy cocking, lightning-fast firing sequences, high arrow velocities, and excellent serviceability!

Scope of delivery:

  • Repeating crossbow pistol with magazine (8-shot).
  • 1x Speedloader
  • 60 lbs throwing arm
  • 90 lbs throwing arm
  • 16 Arrows
  • 1 spare string
  • Red Dot Sight

Bag not included


  • Draw Weight: 60 lbs
  • Energy: 19 Joules
  • Arrow Speed: 202 fps or 61.6 m/s (assuming 10g arrows)