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Cobra Adder R-Series Tactical Repeating Crossbow (V2 Magazine Bundle)

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Want to learn more about the V2 magazine? Click here -> Adder V2 Magazine


This might be the biggest innovation in the crossbow market ever – the Cobra Adder crossbow changes everything. Through the collaboration between EK Archery, one of the largest crossbow manufacturers in the world, and Jörg Sprave, a truly groundbreaking product has been created after years of work. We are at the beginning of a revolution in the crossbow market.

So far, crossbows have been very strong, but also bulky, difficult to cock and even more difficult to transport. The purpose of these crossbows is to fire a single shot from ambush (as in hunting crossbows, e.g. in the USA). The arrow is rather a disposable product – modern hunting crossbows are so strong that you can easily damage the expensive arrow.

The “Adder” on the other hand has been completely redesigned. It is extremely compact, can be easily cocked by the integrated lower lever and has an enormously high fire rate due to the integrated magazine. With a little practice, the five arrows in the magazine can be send downrange in less than ten seconds.

In addition, the “Adder” can be dismantled into its main components in less than a minute without tools and can then be transported in a small, inconspicuous bag.

The 7.5 inch arrows (or bolts) have screwed-on field points and reach a proud 41 joules at 130 pounds tensile weight. The arrow speed is approximately  270 ft/s (82 m/s), which makes the “Adder” accurate even at distances up to 55 yards (50 meters).

In our tests, the standard field tips penetrated through several layers of clothing and a thick layer of ballistic gel, then perforated a coconut poured into the gel block. By using the special High-Penetration “Bodkin” tips, which have razor-sharp edges, this penetration power can be further increased.

The removable tactical rear stock is adjustable. The weapon can also be used without the rear stock, which makes it even more compact if required.
The all-metal red dot sight supplied with the weapon can be adjusted vertically and horizontally.

When purchased with a Tactical Laser Light Module, the “Adder” is also fully usable at night because unlike other crossbows it can be loaded and cocked in complete darkness.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x crossbow “Adder” complete with 130-pound throwing arm and stock 5-shot magazine
  • Exclusive GoGun V2 7-Shot Magazine
  • 15 x 7.5″ carbon arrows
  • 1 x string exchange aid
  • 1 x rail lube
  • 1 x spare string
  • 1 x shoulder strap
  • 1 x set of throwing arm end caps
  • 1 x AR15 stock with buffer piece
  • 1 x aluminum red dot sights
  • 1 x simple front handle
  • 1 x safety glasses

Note: We used to include an accessory mount with our Adders. We no longer do this because they are no longer relevant now that we offer the Tactical laser light module.


  • Arrow Speed: 270 ft/s (82 m/s)
  • Weight: 5.2 lbs
  • Length: 21.5 in

Additional Files:

pdf-icon Cobra Adder User Manual (English)