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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will my stuff ship?

A: Your items may be backordered/pre-order. Please scroll down on this page for the latest status on any items you may be waiting on.


Q: Why do you sell items that are backordered?

A: If we don't put the items on our website, and they are being shown on YouTube, we get a ton of emails saying "where can I order this?" and the inquiries are too numerous to respond to.


Q: Why don't you take zero-dollar reservations for items?

A: The reality is most people who request a reservation are not serious. People just get too much junk in their email so they don't notice us trying to reach back out to them. We would spend too much time chasing people down and trying to get a hold of them. So, we prefer to take refundable payments up-front so that we can just proceed with fulfilling the order when stock comes in and not have to worry about chasing down the customer for a payment.


Q: Why take 100% of the payment up front for what is effectively a pre-order? Why not take some small deposit?

New A: We are trying this for the first time with the new Huben GK1 Pistol.

Old A: We would have to hire someone to chase down the remaining 80% of the money for every pre-order. Yes, it's not that big of a deal for one or two orders, but when you are talking 100s of orders, it would become someone's full time job. If we have to hire an extra person at the company to just chase down payments, we would have to raise our prices to cover their salary. We want to keep prices low, so we keep it simple. Pay 100% up front, and if you change your mind at any time, just contact us, and we'll refund it all back no questions asked.


Q: Why not just charge the 80% automatically to the customer's same credit card when you are about to ship?

A: We do not store anyone's payment information as that is a liability we do not want to take on.


Q: What are all the items that are backordered and when will they ship?

A: Take a look below!

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