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Scuba Ashinger

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The Scuba Ashinger builds upon the success of the Scuba Ringer 2 to deliver even more power.

This compressed-air harpoon gun has select-fire (single shot or double shot) modes. 

Equipped with an Picatinny rail along the bottom to permit the use of equipment such as GoPro, or underwater optics. 

Package Contains:

  • Scuba Ashinger
  • Fill Adapter
  • 100 Burst Disks
  • 2x Air Cartridges
  • 2x arrows

Optional Accessories:

  • Carbon Training Arrows (for above water use)
  • Heavy Performance Arrows (for underwater use)
  • Fishing Tips
  • Additional cartridges
  • Additional Burst Disks


  • Projectile Energy: 158 Joules
  • Pressure: 350 Bar