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Bohning Bow-string Wax Seal-Tite 1oz

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Seal-Tite® is a silicone-based wax made for synthetic bowstrings with high draw weight. It waxes and increases the durability of the bow tendon. It has a silky feel and remains soft even in cold weather.

Seal-Tite® is odorless, waterproof, vegan, and Certified Crossbow Compatible.

Note: While this general-purpose string wax will work with almost all bows and crossbows, we suggest using our Lubewax specifically for repeating crossbows.

Tech tip: Apply a small amount of Seal-Tite to nock shanks or pin bushing for easier insertion/indexing.

-Content: 1 oz (28.4 g)-Manufacturer: The Bohning Company, Ltd.