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Pump Action Kit for HP Max .30 / .35 Cal

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During the (ongoing) development of our Six Bow product, our customers asked us to develop the pump action kit separately.

We answered the call!

This retrofit kit can be added to any existing HP max .35 cal (or .30 cal) out in the field. Take a look at the included product video.

This kit will allow you to actuate the bolt lever of the HP Max with your left hand. You will not have to take the gun off your target, and it increases the rate of fire tremendously. This increases the home defense capability and fun factor of the gun 10-fold.

We are taking refundable pre-orders at this time to assess demand. This kit requires no modification of your HP max except for unthreading the bolt cap (only one screw!)

It's an easy swap that adds SO much functionality to our best-selling airgun - a must-have for all HP Max .30/.35 cal owners!

Note: The product image shows a pump handle made of 3D-printed material. The production version of this item is injection molded instead for increased durability. 

Shipping Information: If you are in Germany, please do not order from us. Instead, check out this product at here.


  • Material: Polymer & Stainless steel 

Package includes:

  • Front pump handle
  • 4 screws
  • Metal connecting rod
  • Bolt lever guide plastic insert
  • Thread cap for bolt lever

Installation video/instructions: (coming soon)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will this work with the HP max .45 cal or .50 cal?

A: No. We wanted to start with the most popular caliber first. The spacing between the air tank, barrel, and bolt lever is different for each caliber of HP max.

We may decide to develop a pump action kit for other calibers later (IF enough people buy this kit for the .30/.35 cal)

Q:  I am in Germany and have the F-Type HP max .35 cal. Will it work for me?

A: We think so, but please wait until it is on the website to order. You will get it faster, and it will be cheaper for you.