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Best Crossbows for Home Defense

Best Crossbows for Home Defense

Can crossbows be used for home defense?

In recent years the world has been trending towards more restrictive and limiting firearms laws and regulations. Due to these complex and arduous laws, citizens who wish to protect themselves, their families, and their property, are often forced to look for firearms alternatives.

Crossbows have always been a fantastic hunting tool, but historically they have had some drawbacks. They take a long time to load and can only shoot once.

These limitations have prevented them from becoming useful as a home defense tool.

In recent years, crossbow manufacturers like EK Archery have come up with an under-lever cocking technology which allows the user to load and cock the crossbow in about 1 second. This has opened up a whole world of possibilities for those who are seeking a feasible firearm alternative.

Furthermore, weapons designer and YouTuber Jörg Sprave has pioneered the magazine-fed semi-automatic crossbow technology and implemented it across a line of crossbows that take advantage for this quick loading technology.

Watch this video as Jörg evaluates and ranks some of these new weapons in terms of how effective they might be in a home defense scenario.

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