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The GoGun Six Bow Information Page

The GoGun Six Bow Information Page

This page is intended to host the most up-to-date information on the development of the GoGun Six Bow Airgun.

The GoGun Six Bow (or SixBow) is a six-shot pump-action pneumatic air bow sold exclusively by GoGun. 

Jörg's YouTube video:

Slow motion firing:


 Teaser Video

This device is currently in the prototyping phase. That means we have built a few working prototypes and tested them. They have performed well, and we now believe there is a clear path to bringing this product to market.

However, the prototypes have a bunch of complicated hand-made parts on them. We need to optimize these parts so they don't cost a fortune to manufacture, and are super reliable. 

Our prototypes are based on the AEA HP Max platform, and the final product will likely be based on it.

Prototype product Image:

GoGun SixBow

Prototype Specifications:

  • Projectile Weight: 324 gr 
  • Projectile Energy: Up to 189J / 134 ft-lb
  • Projectile Speed: Up to 440 fps

Update: 3/24/2023: Some progress. We have have an image of the CAD file from the manufacturer.

GoGun Six Bow Cad


Estimated production timeline (subject to change):

  • Hand-made prototypes built and tested: Q3 2022 ✅
  • Hand-made prototypes received by manufacturer: Q3 2022 ✅
  • First manufactured prototypes received in the US: Q3 2023
  • Testing & Fixes: Q4 2023
  • Production Greenlight: Q1 2023
  • First batch received at GoGun warehouse: Early Q2 2024

We do not know how much this will cost or how solid the schedule is so we are unable to take pre-orders.

Honestly, I just made up the schedule based on a conservative guess. Once the manufacturer can give us some feedback on our design, it should become a little more accurate.

The best way to guarantee you will be notified of availability is to sign up for our "new product announcements" email list at the bottom of this page.

We will continue to update this page with more information as plans solidify. Last updated - July 14h 2023

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