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Cobra Siege Magazine Kit

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Note: If you do not already own a Cobra Siege, you should buy our Cobra Siege + Magazine Kit instead.

Convert your Cobra Siege into a repeating crossbow!

This repeater kit consists of a completely new magazine for seven arrows (7.5'' with 125grs arrowheads), a height-adjustable scope mount with a high-precision folding device, and a different arrow rail. The conversion can be done easily and reversibly with the included tools. With the kit mounted, the Siege then becomes perhaps the most interesting tactical crossbow ever! Scopes of any size can be mounted to allow long-range shots - thanks to the fold-down feature, the arrows can still be easily loaded at any time. The adjustable tilt of the scope allows "spot shooting" at any distance. Designed and manufactured in Germany, the magazine is sold only through GoGun. 

The pictures show a prototype that is slightly different from the finished product. The plastic parts will be black and the swivel scope mount latch has been improved to provide a truly bombproof latch with extremely accurate repositioning.

If you have purchased a Cobra Siege from us already, please contact us for discounted pricing.

Note: Installation of the Magazine Kit does require some assembly. Please see the user manual below:

Additional Files:

User Manual (English & German)