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Jörg Sprave's ”POCKET ULFBERHT” Limited Edition Pocket Sword

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Original price $120.00 - Original price $245.00
Original price
$120.00 - $245.00
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It took two and a half years and countless prototypes to get from the first sketch (December 2018) to the first delivery (June 2021), and many thousands of fans have witnessed the creation process live. Now, finally, the first real “Viking” pocket knife is ready! 

In cooperation with the world-famous Solingen knife manufacturer “Böker”, Jörg Sprave has now realized his second knife creation after the enormously successful “RazorTanto” (sold out within one day): The “Pocket Ulfberht”.

It is a heavy knife (390 grams), with its 5 mm thick, 37 mm wide and 120 mm long blade. The handle is 155 mm long and 18.5 mm thick. The plates and the indestructible liner lock are made of 2.5 mm thick steel, while the handle scales are made of anodized aluminum. The clip is four-way adjustable.
The blade – like the swords that serve as models – has a hollow groove (fuller). The blade is sharpened on one side.

The shape of the handle is also modeled after the “Ulfberht” sword and tapers towards the pommel. In combination with the hand guard integrated into the blade, this allows the knife to be gripped firmly and securely. The pommel makes the knife very fast and precise in use despite its massive dimensions.

The knife is available in strictly limited editions in two versions:

  • D2 steel blade – 1,800 pieces, numbered – $120
  • S90V steel blade – 200 pieces, numbered – $245

D2 is an excellent knife steel, famous for its tremendous edge retention (7/10 in BladeHQ ranking).–Best-Knife-Steel-Guide–3368#d2

S90V is ranked by the important BladeHQ website as “Premium Steel” in the highest achievable category and achieves absolute top values with a cutting durability of 9/10. It is insensitive to corrosion and enormously resilient.–Best-Knife-Steel-Guide–3368#cpms90v
Both knives are delivered in a high-quality box and bear the famous “Ulfberht” lettering, the steel type, the serial number and the signature of the designer (Jörg Sprave). 

Although the “Pocket Ulfberht” is a real “pocket sword”, it is meant as a utility knife. It is truly universal and masters every task, in the forest, in the garden and also in the kitchen and at the barbecue.

1000 years ago, a man of status owned a sword, and the best of the best men even an “Ulfberht”. Now, finally, after a long wait, a modern man can also own a sword that you can really use! The “Pocket Ulfberht” is simply a new dimension in the world market of folding knives.


  • Total length open: 277 mm
  • Total length closed: 155 mm
  • Blade length: 120 mm
  • Blade thickness: 5 mm
  • Blade width (max.): 37 mm
  • Blade steel: D2, S90V
  • Max. Width (hand guard): 70 mm
  • Handle width: 17.5 mm
  • Handle material: steel (blanks), aluminum (scales)
  • Weight: 390 gram
  • Grinding: One side sharp
  • Pocket clip: Spring steel, four-way adjustable
  • Locking mechanism: Frame Lock